Choice Construction is a family owned business located in Pasadena, MD. Because we are a small company there is less overhead which allows us to offer our customers better pricing. Choice Construction is built around detail, customer service, and quality value.  Our carpenters deliver a minimum of twenty-five years of experience and a maximum experience in customer satisfaction. We know how to do what we love and most importantly…we love what we do.

We specialize in custom kitchens, custom bathrooms, custom decks, etc. We are also equipped to do any type of flooring such as ceramic tile, marble flooring, bamboo, and hardwood as well as the latest in vinyl and cork flooring.

We can offer you discounted prices with Mohawk flooring along with other prime flooring products. Therefore, Choice Construction will be providing you with the best flooring around as well as a window of options for designs and colors.

There will be no worries or hassles about sub-contractors because Choice Construction is your one stop shop; we will handle all of your HVAC, electrical, and plumbing needs. We are also highly experienced in handling all insurance claims.

Remember, your satisfaction is what is most important!  So, tell us your ideas, our team of qualified designers are ready and eager to design your next dream project.

All of our work is guaranteed and insured!